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North Linden began their site base council (SBC) this year, drafting by-laws.  We met as a team to discuss our vision for North Linden.  Our council is composed of Principal Collier as the chair, David Schrappe, Co-chair, Secretary, Ms. Williams, Parent and Community Member, Dr. Neague, Teacher, Mr. Crawford, Teacher, Mrs. Hoover, Teacher, Dwayne Carter, Custodian, Kay Clark and Ambika Puri, Community Member.  
Our immediate focus was to increase attendance for all grades, through the use of student incentives.  Our goal was 95% attendance as indicated by the state standard.  We have achieved positive results through our incentive based program, increasing our attendance from 93% to 94%, an increase of 1%.  Judy Wright came and shared information regarding the purpose SBC Council. 

We also reviewed and adopted the by-laws which include our norms to be on time, respect one another, active listening and active participation.  We also reviewed our North Linden Vision Statement:
1.  Our vision is to provide our students the B.E.S.T. education.
2.  Be Prepared to teach rigorous lessons
3.  Expect good results
4.  Support relevant learning with collaboration
5.  Treat everyone with dignity and respect

We also reviewed the function of the SBC Council.  Our council met once a month beginning in December 2014 through April 2015.  We reviewed our building level goals in alignment with our (OIP) plan in reading, math and attendance.  

For the 2015-2016 academic year, our Site Based Council will continue implementation of attendance incentives as it relates to PBIS.  We will promote more parental involvement as it relates to our ESL community and students. 

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